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A building and pest inspection moreton bay is a visual inspection of a property to assess any structural damage and identify any signs of timber pest infestation. The inspection will be carried out by a qualified building inspector and pest management technician. We will inspect the interior and exterior of the property, looking out for any structural defects, signs of dampness, timber pest activity, and other issues. The report from the inspection will outline any problems that need to be addressed and, if necessary, recommend further investigations or treatments. This appraisal will be in comparison with properties of similar age and structure. The report generated whilst not a certificate of compliance will allow the purchaser to make an informed decision and a course of action planned.

Building Inspections Moreton Bay

This inspection is an inspection of the various building elements including attachments, sub floor, the roof, roof cavity, where access permits for the purpose of highlighting any issues that would require attention be it maintenance repairs or referral to a specialist.

Best Pest Control Moreton Bay

Active Building Inspections prides itself on using industry leading products, methods, equipment and software, putting our customers minds at ease that they are getting great value, and great quality pest management. Request a quote below to find out the pest control price in Moreton Bay.

Pre Sale Inspections Moreton Bay

As is for a Pre Purchase Inspection instead informing the vendor. The vendor has the opportunity to address any of the listed issues or go to market as is. This method has the added advantage of no out of pocket expenses for prospective bidders or buyers, and less disruption for the vendor.

Timber Pest and Termite Inspections Moreton Bay

This inspection generally may include sounding or tapping of timbers, a moisture meter used around wet areas, along with a visual inspection of the property for the purpose of identifying timber pests or the damage caused by pests such as termites, fungi (wood rot), borers and chemical delignification, Recommendations will vary from and treatments to maintenance programs.

Termite Protection Moreton Bay

Active Building Inspections prides itself on using BASF products to control termites in Moreton Bay. If you have live or “active” termites, do not disturb them! Call us immediately and we will attend to advise the best termite treatment. To find out more about the termite treatment and inspection cost, simply give us a call! We are here and ready to help.

Building and Pest Inspection Moreton Bay Price

Active Building Inspections prides itself on having a fair price for a building and pest inspection Moreton Bay. Whether you are buying or selling in Cedar Creek, Redcliffe, or Strathpine, our prices remain the same. We don’t charge different prices for different locations. While we are not the cheapest building and pest inspection in Moreton Bay, we do believe we are the best value. We believe that being able to attend the inspection, talk with your inspector and get a great report and great advice is worth more than the few dollars that could be saved with another business. Whether you are requiring a building and pest inspection in Donnybrook or Highvale, we are here to help.