World leading technology used by Brisbane building inspector, Active Building Inspections.

Ever heard of Teledyne FLIR? Probably not, but in February 2021, their camera technology allowed us to watch NASA successfully land the Perseverance Rover on Mars (You can watch that amazing video below).

Active Building Inspections uses that same company’s Thermal Imaging camera during building and pest inspections. This futuristic feeling technology can detect changes in surface temperature, allowing us to discover hidden issues in areas of the home that we can’t see or reach.

A great example is a leaking tap. Below is an image of a leaking garden tap inside a wall. While it might look dry on the outside, we can tell this tap is leaking, as the brighter colours represent a higher temperature, and the dark colours represent a lower temperature.

Teledyne FLIR has labelled their technology as “The World’s Sixth Sense”.

We completely agree.